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Translation FAQ's

I need a Certified Translation. I have already translated it - Can you just stamp it for me?

For certified translations we need to translate the document ourselves from scratch. This ensures that we are completely happy that the translation is correct and we can certify it as a correct translation of the original. We will never place our stamp on work which is not our own.


For a certified translation do I need to send the original document?

Yes, but we can also translate a certified true copy of the original.


I have already translated the document can you just check it?

If you don't require the document to be certified we can proofread it. Send us the document for a quote and we will advise.


Do you do translations for New Zealand immigration?

Yes, we will advise you which documents need to be translated. Unlike many other companies we are fully recognised by New Zealand Immigration Service and NZQA qualification recognition service. You can therefore be assured that your translations are acceptable. If you don't use us for your translations that's fine - but always check that the company you use is recognised by NZ Immigration Service and NZQA. This will save you unnecessary expenses later.


Why are you so expensive?

We use only professional translators and need to pay the going rate for their profession. We never use students, non translators or translators translating into a language other than their native language. If you find companies offering very cheap translations ensure that the translations are from a reputable source.


Why are you so cheap?

If you have obtained a quote from outside New Zealand you will find that while New Zealand is a stable first world democracy it does have a lower cost of living than say United Kingdom or Japan. Rather than taking advantage of you we pass on our low rates but still make a profit!

If you have obtained a quote from within New Zealand you will find our prices very competitive due to the fact that we do not have flash offices, huge advertising bills and non-productive executives to pay for.


Can I work for you?

Please view our employment pages. We are happy to consider any application, however please note that most employment we offer is on a contractual basis and will not help your application for New Zealand residency or work visas.


if you have a question not listed here please contact us

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