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NZTIS Translation Services.

NZTIS Translation Service is a professional global translation service covering over 75 languages in more than 500 language combinations. We have an increasing number of in house translators and have staff in New Zealand, Japan and United Kingdom. No single translator is an expert in every subject. We therefore also have a large pool of carefully selected contracted specialised external translators able to translate more specific projects. Whatever your translation requirements you can rest assured that work done by NZTIS Translation Service will be translated by an experienced translator with an expert knowledge of the particular subject area and it's terminology.

Work Flow
Every translation job regardless of size is project managed from start to finish. We have an extensive computerised work tracking system and will keep you fully updated with the the progress of your translation at various stages from the initial quotation up to completion and delivery. Our work practises enable us to guarantee to meet agreed deadlines as well as keeping our prices as low as possible.

We use our work practises and locations to your advantage. In many cases we are able to offer overnight translations at no extra cost to you. If we are not able to do a job within a required timeframe we will advise you before we take on the job. See our translation  timeframes page for more details.

The lower cost of living in New Zealand coupled with the relative weakness of the NZ dollar against the Euro and Pound make our prices exceptionally competitive to the international market.
New Zealand customers can rest assured that the price to quality ratio offered by NTIS New Zealand Translation Service is one of the best in New Zealand.
See our prices page for more information.

What we do

NZTIS Translation Service offers the following.

Typesetting of foreign languages for

  • Brochures

  • Business cards

  • Promotional material

Foreign Language copywriting for promotional material or 'transcreation' (translation and copy editing).


Our languages pages give a detailed list of the languages we work with and the various combinations we are able to offer.


Some of the most commonly requested languages NZTIS Translation Service is asked to undertake are listed below. Click on the language you are interested in for a more detailed explanation of that particular language.


Japanese Translation

Chinese Translation

Korean Translation

Thai Translation

Vietnamese Translation

Greek Translation

Russian Translation

Dutch Translation

Danish Translation

Swedish Translation

Portuguese Translation

Turkish Translation

Arabic Translation

Bulgarian Translation

Ukrainian Translation

Hungarian Translation

Romanian Translation

German Translation

French Translation

Italian Translation

Spanish Translation

Polish Translation

Czech Translation

Estonian Translation

Latvian Translation

Norwegian Translation

Finnish Translation

Serbian Translation

Croatian Translation

Slovakian Translation

Slovenian Translation

Malaysian Translation

Indonesian Translation

Lithuanian Translation


Certified Translations

In New Zealand we are able to offer certified translations for most government departments including NZTA, NZQA and NZ Immigration services. NZTIS New Zealand Translation Service undertakes officially recognised  work on a daily basis for courts and law firms.


Approved Translation Provider

We are an approved translation provider for NZTA (for driving licence translations)  NZQA, Ministry of Education. We also provide 'vetted' translators and interpreters for other NZ Government departments including Ministry of Justice, Department of Corrections, New Zealand Police, Fisheries, Customs MAF and many other departments.


NTIS New Zealand Interpreting Service

We also offer an Interpreting Service for anything from conferences to tour guides.


Why choose us?

Not all translation companies are the same. NTIS New Zealand Translation Service aim to offer you a professional high quality translation at the lowest possible price and in the shortest possible time. Our aim is your satisfaction and repeat business. If you are shopping around we have a list of suggestions for finding the right translation service.


1. Ensure the company can do what you want.

NZTIS Translation Service can translate over 500 language combinations. We also have translators specialised in regional variations of languages. One such example is Brazil for Brazilian Portuguese and Portugal for European Portuguese.

We have specialists for areas such as technical translations, patent and legal translations, marketing translations including foreign language copywriting and copy editing. We also work with a number of software packages for translations directly into Indesign, illustrator, and web applications such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver.


2. Ensure that the company you choose uses a translation quality process - and ask for references/evidence  to confirm this.

Mistakes frequently happen - it's human nature!. Just as in manufacturing or bookkeeping a process is needed to check and double check  the quality of the work before it is passed out. NTIS New Zealand Translations follow a translation quality process- see our guarantees page to see what we do. In fact we work to a ISO 9001 style quality process and of course carry professional translation liability insurance.


3. Ensure the translators are professionals that translate into their native language.

Lots of people can speak more than one language but translation goes a step further. NTIS New Zealand Translation Service translators are the experienced ones - often with post graduate translation qualifications and years of experience. We do not use students, beginners or mere bi-lingual people for our translations. Our translators are vetted, checked and their work continuously checked.


4. Ensure that the company will use translators that match your requirements.

NZTIS Translation Services has a large pool of translators. For say a Spanish legal translation we will not just select a Spanish translator but a Spanish translator specialising in Legal translations.


5. Look at the price to quality ratio.

If a company is very cheap ask yourself why. If it is very expensive bear in mind it probably spends thousands on advertising, has large inner city offices and pays non productive executives to hunt for work. NZTIS Translation Service tries to fit in the middle. We are cost effective but never at the expense of quality. As we see it you will probably find translation companies cheaper than us at the expense of using highly experienced translators. You will also find translation companies with much higher prices than us but the same commitment to quality.


6. If you do require future translations look at the return customer policy.

NZTIS Translation Services don't offer low prices to get a new client and then charge high prices to satisfied return customers knowing they will probably stay with us. We offer consistently realistic prices and even offer discounts for our return customers. If you use one company on a regular basis make them work for your continued custom.

Our client list shows the list of some of our our satisfied customers. For larger quotes we are happy to provide samples of our work and contactable references. If you have large volume requirements you should seek out references first. We are happy to assist you here.


Free quote in confidence and without obligation

To get a price and turnaround time for a job simply send the document you require translating to Unless requested quotes will be in NZ dollars.

You can also fax the document to us on +64 3 548 1199. For other options view our contact page.

All quotes will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you do contact us but decide not to use we promise to respect your privacy and not resell or use your contact details for future marketing purposes.



Payment can be made by Cash, NZ cheque/bank transfer, or Credit Card using our payment providers Paymate,  PayPal or Moneybookers. We accept NZ Dollars, US Dollars, UK Pound, Japanese Yen, EU Euro, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar.

UK customers can transfer payment to our UK bank account.

Japanese customers can transfer payment to our Japan bank account.




Our terms and conditions of sale including debt collection and refund policy can be found here

*Worldpay currencies - NZ Dollar, Pound Sterling and Japanese Yen only (Visa & MasterCard only)



We are here to help. View our FAQ's page or contact us in confidence and without any obligations.

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